Business Intelligence Plattform for the Specialist Practice

The new Business Intelligence tool for the specialist practice determines, verifies and consolidates the strategically important key figures. The business controlling cockpit with its clear visualization of information is the perfect basis for regular control and anticipatory planning in everyday practice. econtys® is economy with logic.


The most important features of econtys®:

  • Monitoring of the essential key performance indicators of your practice
  • Full control and long-term planning
  • Bundling of all data for monitoring quantifiable target criteria
  • Comprehensive and differentiated allocator statistics
  • Effective revenue optimization through our
    • Practive specific billing controll
    • Intelligent billing optimization
  • Business intelligence cockpit with:
    • Profitability of your equipment and locations
    • Decisive radiological key figures
    • Analysis and visualization of your cost types and cost units
    • Target/actual analysis of the KV budget
    • Development and statistics of allocators
  • Targeted monitoring of a wide range of issues:
    • How has a change in the number of measures, devices or allocations had an impact?
    • Will the standard benefit volume be over-fulfilled or under fulfilled by the end of the quarter?
    • Are the testing and control times of my practice adhered to?
  • Daily verification of practical success through daily updated data
  • Problem-free connection or integration into your practice software and running processes


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