Mission / Vision

TEVARIS® follows a value system that creates freedom for the users of its software products through a clear view of information.

With increasingly scarce resources in the health care system, cost management in medical facilities often becomes a struggle. Efficiency, quality assurance and resource planning are becoming increasingly important. For example, medical specialists invest a lot of time in the search for an efficient, effective cancer therapy and a clear diagnosis: extensive web research is required, as well as an intensive exchange with colleagues from different disciplines (e.g. tumor board) and often multiple examinations by the departments of nuclear medicine, radiology and oncology. The data for this is collected again and again. This is exactly where TEVARIS® comes in.

The three TEVARIS® founders have played a major role in the development of three new methods that can significantly increase efficiency in cancer diagnosis and therapy, quality assurance in radiotherapy and process control in radiological practices. TEVARIS® also has a considerable lead in development and all the necessary prerequisites to establish these software solutions emphatically on the market.

But TEVARIS® also pursues another goal: As a value-oriented company, we not only develop innovative software solutions, but also create scope for our specialist customers and colleagues to realize their own ideas and overcome boundaries. Just ask us We look forward to a dialogue with you.