intelligent tumor documentation and monitoring system

The result of two years of research: a new form of diagnostics - innovative, efficient and coordinated. The new intelligent tumor documentation and monitoring system detects and analyzes newly diagnosed tumour diseases. This new form of productivity is based on the rapid identification of similar cases, accelerated contact with colleagues and a faster exchange of data and expert opinions. The digital answer to the demands of modern oncology.

Intelligente Tumordokumentation

The most important features of onkys®:

  • Analysis
    • Detection and analysis of newly diagnosed tumor diseases
    • Tumor comparison analysis and location of similar cases
    • Holistic approach to the evaluation of patient groups
  • Application
    • Treatment optimization with intelligent data evaluation and monitoring
    • Treatment history overview and reporting
    • Efficient analysis of different treatment methods
    • Extended differentiated statistics on diseases, forms of treatment and living conditions
  • Exchange
    • Faster exchange with all involved colleagues
    • Automation of cancer registry reporting
    • Interfaces to existing systems (KIS/PACS/PVS systems)
  • Sophisticated
    • Encrypted data flow for retrieval and anonymous data return
    • Central availability, effective update management


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